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Speaking to, Brendan Sheehan talked about his brother, Robert, and admitted he asks his for tips sometimes.

“Yes and no, yes I listened to him, I’ve asked him in roundabout ways about his process and everything but also because I’m following my younger brother I don’t want to ask him directly. Where do I go, what do I do because I’m independent I want to do it myself in certain ways,” he explained. “He’s very successful and very inspiring and always has been so when he speaks I listen. When Rob was up-and-coming I used send him inspiring quotes everyday – and we have an amazing friendship and if I can pick a best friend in the world it’s Robert Sheehan.”

Brendan also mentioned he used to send Robert inspiring quotes everyday back in the beginning of his career, and that he’s always been very supportive. You can follow him @BSheehanFitness!

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The South by Southwest Film Festival has added the world premiere of French action comedy “Moonwalkers” to its narrative spotlight session. Antoine Bardou-Jacquet directs from Dean Craig’s script; Ron Perlman, Robert and Rupert Grint star.

What if Apollo 11 never actually made it? What if, in reality, Stanley Kubrick secretly shot the famous images of the moon landing in a studio, working for the US administration? This is the premise of a totally plausible conspiracy theory that takes us to swinging sixties London, where a stubborn CIA agent (Ron Perlman a.k.a. Hellboy) will never find Kubrick but instead is forced to team up with Rupert Grint’s lousy manager of a seedy rock band to develop the biggest con of all time, in this riotous, high-tempo action-comedy penned by the new British comedy genius Dean Craig.

Section: Narrative Feature
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Country: France
Year: 2015
Runtime: 107min

The premiere is scheduled for Thursday, March 19, 10:15PM – 12:02AM. Click here for more information.

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New promotional stills from “The Road Within” have been released and uploaded to our photo gallery. The film will be available on digital HD on March 17.

Robert SheehanRobert SheehanRobert SheehanRobert Sheehan

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According to the website Coming Soon, the film “Anita B.”, which stars Robert Eline Powell, Andrea Osvárt and Moni Ovadia, is set to open on Tuesday, March 3rd, at Select Carmike Cinemas. Check the list of locations below.

Rialto, Westfield, NJ
Carmike Ritz Center 16, Voorhees, NJ
Mission Marketplace, San Diego, CA
Carmike Parisian 20, West Palm Beach, FL
Carmike Hickory Creek 16, Dallas
Muvico Rosemont 18, Chicago
Carmike Cinemas Movies ATL 14, Atlanta
Thousand Oaks 14, Los Angeles
Solon Cinemas, Cleveland, OH
Digiplex Bloomfield, Bloomfield, CT

A premiere during the Miami Jewish Film Festival is also scheduled for January 18th.

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Hey, guys! Today, January 7, is Robert Sheehan’s 27th birthday! We hope he’s enjoying the presence of his loved ones and having a great time! Make sure you send your messages to his official twitter account, which is We’ll be using the hashtag #HappyBdayRobertSheehan on Twitter as well, so come along!

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