Robert Keeps His Promises

The actor followed up on his promise to dine out with the women who ran the minimarathon in aid of Debra Ireland.

Robert (25) spent time with families whose children are affected by the debilitating condition Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) at the Maldron Hotel in Dublin last night before taking the lucky female winners for a slap-up meal.

The Love/Hate star was convinced to take part after he was contacted by patient ambassador Emma Fogarty.

Emma (29) has already won the hearts of Colin Farrell and Johnny Sexton who previously came on board with the charity. Emma, the oldest person in Ireland with EB, hails from Abbeyleix in Laois, just down the road from Robert’s native Portlaoise and managed to get him involved.

“I sat down with Emma and I was so struck by such a vibrant, engaging, enthusiastic person,” he said. “She hooked me into the whole thing.

“The Herald wrote an article around the time of the mini-marathon with the headline ‘Win a date with Robert Sheehan!’ which was quite a surprise to me.” he joked.

“But we helped raise some money for Debra.” Bubbly Emma said Robert and his mum Maria jumped at the chance of helping out the charity.

“I wrote to his mother and to himself and they got in touch and I met his mam,” explained Emma (below with Robert).

“He said yes, he didn’t hesitate at all.”

The fundraising campaign was a huge success as the charity recorded the biggest number of so far with over 450 taking part.

Sheehan’s association with the charity this year helped net vital funds to help keep an EB family nurse on the road for the charity.

Mum Ger Hyland from Swords said that the nurse has made a world of difference when it comes to changing dressings on her two girls Alison (9) and Erica (4). She has to regularly bathe her daughters in anti-septic to kill any infection when their skin breaks out in blisters.


To read more about the condition and find out you can help, visit Debra Ireland Org

Robert Sheehan Handling His Career Well: Fan Article

There are a lot of actors and actresses around today, who clearly do not have the best of teams around them, making some poor decisions along the way. Then there are those who obviously have people who know what they are doing, making some great choices in their career.

One such person, who has seen his career go from strength to strength in the past few years, is Irish actor Robert Sheehan. The talented star is probably best known to most for his role as Nathan Young in the British television series Misfits, which was pretty much his breakthrough role.

One of the smartest moves that Robert Sheehan has made in his career, was leaving Misfits when he did. The show was on a high and Robert managed to leave right before the show began to lose its way a little and drop its ratings, before coming to an end.

Since then, Robert Sheehan has gone on to appear in some impressive projects, winning roles in some big Hollywood movies, including the film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Robert also has three movies lined up for the coming year, which will see him work with some big names.

Robert Sheehan has certainly been managing his career well and we look forward to seeing what he has to offer in the coming years.


Robert in Total UK August 2013

I’ve added a temporary scan of Robert from Total Film to the gallery. I hope to replace it with a unwatermarked version at some point.

Gallery Link:
• Magazine Scans > 2013 > Total UK – August

Robert Lands #11 on Complex’s Top 25 Actors In Their 20′s List

Congratulation Robert, it’s well deserved.

Age: 25
Notable Role: Nathan Young in Misfits

The Irish actor is a huge success in the UK, having earned a BAFTA at the age of 23 for the sci-fi dramedy, Misfits. Two years later, he’s making a name for himself stateside in the highly anticipated adaptation of the urban fantasy novel, The Mortal Instruments, out this August.

Sheehan is well known for his ability to turn a phrase, nail his timing in his comedic performances, but also perform with an air of understated maturity when the scene demands it.


Love/Hate Reunion


ALL of them may not have managed to survive the violence of the streets – but that didn’t stop them from gathering for a special reunion.

The stars, “living” and “dead”, from the gritty crime drama ‘Love/Hate’ came out in force to cheer on “gang member” Nidge as he took centre stage.

Actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, familiar to TV viewers for his portrayal of Nidge in the popular series, took a break from the mean streets to star in the Dublin play, ‘Howie The Rookie’ at the Project Arts Centre.

There to see him perform on opening night were other members of the ‘Love/Hate’ cast – Peter Coonan, who plays Fran, Laurence Kinlan (Elmo) as well as Aidan Gillen (John Boy) and Robert Sheehan (Darren) – both of whose characters were gunned down in earlier series.


Robert Sheehan: Boy in the hoody

He has retired the blue top he wore in ‘Love/Hate’. He’s coming home for the Iftas tonight. And he’s still in bed

About 10 minutes into this interview, Robert Sheehan reveals that he has just woken up and is lying in bed in his Camden flat. (It’s a phone interview. I like to think I would have noticed otherwise). “Sorry, mate,” says the star of Love/Hate with a yawn. “I’m in interview mode but I’m also in bed mode, and the two sides are battling each other.”

This doesn’t mean he’s not engaging. It’s early in the morning, but he is funny, thoughtful and charming. As we talk he yawns a little but laughs a lot. He’s passionate about his career while being fuzzy about how he got one. “I’ve been largely undecided about everything for most of my life,” he says. “I can barely commit to a phone bill . . . Somewhere along the line it has become my career due to continuing work.”

It all started when he responded to an open audition at the age of 12 and landed a part in Aisling Walsh’s Song for a Raggy Boy, a film set in a brutal reformatory school. “Me and about 10 other lads all went down to Cork for seven weeks and had a magical summer,” he says. “Our great time didn’t reflect the abysmal mood of the film.”

Afterwards, he wasn’t sure whether acting was a realistic ambition and went to Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology to study film and television. “While the acting stuff was incredibly fun and fulfilling, the two sides of my brain were battling, one going ‘You can’t make a living from acting’ and the other going ‘It’s great fun, carry on and see what happens.’ I was an absentee student. I spent months making a film called Summer of the Flying Saucer. Thankfully I was kicked off the course – I failed terrifically – and my parents didn’t say, ‘Don’t you think you should do a real job now and become a real person and start making money?’ They didn’t put that pressure on me. So I ended up sitting on my arse in Galway for a year.”

Sheehan spent that year playing World of Warcraft and incongruously booking gigs for stand-up comics around the country. “[At one gig] all the comedians showed up and I wasn’t there. I was doing a short film in Dublin. My brother went with a few mates, and all the comedians were going up to him saying, ‘We need to know who’s going on first. What’s the running order? What’s happening? Robert should really be here.’ . . . I did a year of nothing much and came to the end of it, felt wildly restless and wanted to do stuff. Lesson learned.”

He moved to Dublin and landed roles in quick succession in the feature film Cherry Bomb, the Channel 4 drama Red Riding and the Nicholas Cage vehicle Season of the Witch. This was followed by a two-year stint on the hilarious and hugely popular Channel 4 drama Misfits, in which he played Nathan, a smart-arsed, orange-jumpsuited young offender with superpowers.

“I connected quite quickly and intensely with that part,” he says. “I think as the series went on, the writers got our voices in their heads. They can write the cadence of your sentences a lot easier when they’ve got your whiny Irish voice in their ear. And there was that intense family feeling on set. We were shooting in Thamesmead, in southeast London, this very odd-looking estate. We’d get really dirty looks from the locals, because they saw us walking around in orange jumpsuits and thought we were shooting a documentary about young offenders and that we were sullying the area’s not-so-great name.”

About that time, he began filming the first series of the RTÉ gangland drama Love/Hate, in which he played the soulful, doomed assassin, Darren. Love/Hate was not an instant success, with some viewers questioning its credibility. “I could understand that,” he says with a laugh. “We were young, fresh-faced lads in what looked like trendy clothes. We did look a bit like a boy band. But I think the show really graduated into its full expression in the second series and probably also got given the free rein it deserved. There were 500 things happening [in every] episode, and it was incredibly gripping to watch.”
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Article – Love/Hate’s Sheehan sinks teeth into vampire film role

A WORLD away from Dazzler in Love/Hate, actor Robert Sheehan has flitted into a new vampire movie.

Robert (24) is one of the stars of new movie The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones.

Sporting geek-chic glasses and a tight hair-cut, Robert’s character couldn’t be more different from the moody gangland henchman Darren in RTE’s Love/Hate.

The film also features Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Sheehan is now being tipped to follow in the footsteps of Robert Pattinson (26) and become Hollywood’s latest heart-throb. City Of Bones is the first chapter in the Mortal Instruments series.

Set in New York, the film is packed with fight scenes and bloodsuckers.

In the first instalment, lead character Clary discovers she is a descended from a line of “shadow hunters”, a secret group of young half-angel warriors locked in an ancient battle to protect our world from demons.

Clary’s ally is the super beautiful and super sarcastic Jace Wayland. Singer Phil Collins’ daughter Lily plays the Clary while Rob plays her dorky boyfriend Simon.

Author of the Mortal Instrument series Cassandra Clare and Karate Kid director Harald Zwart said they knew Robert was just right for the role after watching him in Channel 4 series Misfits.

“I’m a big Misfits fan,” Cassandra said. “So I’m ecstatic that our Simon is Robert Sheehan.”


Article – My role in ‘Love/Hate’ gets darker and meaner

Fans of gritty RTE show ‘Love / Hate’ should prepare themselves for a darker and meaner Darren in the new series, according to the actor who plays the role.

Robert Sheehan revealed that his character has very much become a lone wolf with no love or support in his life.

“Darren is this kind of lone gun for hire. But that’s the role he takes up.

“He is the guy who has to do the dirty jobs, pretty much.

“He has very much become a lone wolf. There is very little relief from this life for him in this series.

“Rosie and Mary provided some level of relief from the misery of their existence really but there is none of that now. Everyone has left him,” Sheehan says.

The screen star – who is currently shooting the big budget The Mortal Instruments in Canada – said the gang’s dominance of last season quickly disappears from the beginning of season three.

“At the end last series it seemed like nothing could touch them. They were running the show. To bring in an army, basically, is certainly one way to threaten the guys.

“It’s become an angrier series, more volatile and it sees everyone go a little further down that road and lose a bit more humanity, and in that sense basically become a bit more irredeemable,” he told TV Now.

Producers of the third season of the hit show – which kicks off this Sunday – are keeping a tight lid on the plot lines to ensure audiences get the maximum enjoyment.

“We want to ensure people are watching it completely fresh, because there are so many twists and turns and elements you’re not expecting which are a big part of the pleasure of watching Love/Hate.”

Meanwhile, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, who plays the character of Nidge, says the show depicts the gritty underbelly of Dublin involving gangs, drugs the IRA and murder.

“Every year we’ve been asked ‘does it glamourise violence?

“The amount of people I’ve met – taxi drivers, people who live in communities we’re representing – that go, ‘It’s true to life.’

“Yeah its tough, but it’s the truth. We’re a small country and Dublin’s a small place, and (gangland crime) is a very sensitive subject,’ he said.


Karen Gillan & Robert Sheehan Are Star-Crossed Lovers

Wish they’d stop changing the title for this.

Actress Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) has signed to star in Romeo And Brittney, the follow-up movie from comedian David Baddiel (The Infidel). The current Doctor Who companion will play Brittney, a high school student from New Jersey who finds herself in the 13th-century, stuck in the plot of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet as the female lead.

Gillian Anderson (The X Files) will be playing both Gillan’s mother and a nurse in 13th-century Verona, while Robert Sheehan (Misfits) has been cast as a nerdy student and Romeo.

The $7 million movie, summarized as “Shakespeare In Love meets Clueless”, starts shooting next May.

Arvind Ethan, producer:

“[David Baddiel and I] love literate teen comedies and we wanted to do our own version. After all, 10 Things I Hate About You was based on The Taming Of The Shrew just as Clueless was based on Jane Austen’s Emma and Easy A is inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. And what is Twilight if it’s not Romeo & Juliet with vampires and werewolves?”

This is certainly exciting news, particularly if you love Karen Gillan and Robert Sheehan — who’s particularly charismatic as Nathan in Misfits. The premise doesn’t sound like a simple case of time-travel (as a few actors are playing dual roles), more like a reality-bending fantasy similar to Lost In Austen (the ITV miniseries where a modern woman was transported into the novel Pride & Prejudice). Agree?

My only reservation is the involvement of David Baddiel; a decent comedian back in the early-’90s and a talented writer, but his recent movie The Infidel was toothless and a tedious disappointment, with limp direction. Will he fare better with a more imaginative concept and a bigger budget?

Source: Dan Owen.

No Tweeting For Robert

ANY ladies who have been searching for Love/Hate star Robert Sheehan on social networking sites in the hope of following him will be disappointed to learn that he is something of a misfit when it comes to Twitter and suchlike.

“I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to social networking,” says the Portlaoise actor.

“I’m not on Twitter and never will be. I’m far too lazy. But if I had to connect with anyone online, I’d say Russell Brand because he’s got such a wonderfully expansive vocabulary. I’ve never met him but, if I did, I’d probably say something like, ‘Alright Russ, you’ve got well nice hair’ – and sound like a f****** idiot.”

And maybe commiserate him on his split from Katy Perry?

Source: Sunday World.

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