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I have added screencaps from his last appearance in Misfits and here is also a video.

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Ok Misfits fans, as you probably know, Misfits returns to E4 in October with some changes. Robert Sheehan is leaving and Joe Gilgun is joining the gang. And to say farewell to Nathan and hearty hello to Joe we’ve got an exclusive film coming right here to

The film focusses on Nathan, who – armed with a new superpower – has got a plan to go out in style. His target? Las Vegas, baby!

With Marnie and little Nathan Jnr. still in the picture, Nathan is plotting to use his new superpower to scam the casinos. It’s a sure-fire plan that can’t fail. Except it will, of course.

Vegas Baby! will premiere right here on on Thursday 15 September.


Source: E4.

Excited? No, I don’t want him to leave.

Added another and replaced with HQ.

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Hulu: Can you compare “Misfits” to a show that’s airing in the US?

Robert Sheehan: Well, it’s very much like “Grey’s Anatomy” in the sense that we all wear one color. Yeah, I think that’s the closest show on American TV, because of the color thing.

Well, let me try to skim American TV. I guess it would be an American “Skins,” which has 16-or-17-year-old kids behaving like 16-or-17-year-old kids.

That’s funny that you say that, because MTV recently tried out this show over here. It got canceled primarily because it showed underage drinking.

Oh, I forget that Americans can’t drink until they’re much older. But you all can drive much earlier, can’t you?

Yep. Everybody here is given a Chevy, a gun, and a driver’s license when they turn three.

That’s interesting. I suppose I agree that anybody can get behind the wheel. But not everybody has good aim.


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Congratulations on being nominated for a BAFTA!
“Oh stop! Let’s leave it there, that’s good. Thank you, thank you very much.”

How does it feel?
“It feels very, very tingly. The tingle starts very much near the ankles and works its way up into the kneecaps and then slowly but surely towards the crown jewels and then up into the brain. That’s usually how thoughts work in my body anyway – they go the opposite way.”

If you’re feeling like that now, how will you feel at the ceremony?
“Oh God. You know the way they say a pig can orgasm for half an hour? That’s probably going to be me on the red carpet, writhing around, just causing havoc. Causing a scene down there on Park Lane or wherever it is.”

How are you rating your chances – do you think you’ve got it in the bag?
“Very much I will have it in a bag at one point, because I’m going to steal it even if I don’t win it. No, I honestly don’t care if I win. A nomination is lovely, and that sounds like a big fat cliché but it’s true. When you hear news of the nomination, it feels like a victory in itself, so I’m happy with that. If I win it’ll be a nice bonus for the evening, you know? But we’re all together – we’re one big Misfits collaboration.”

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